Saturday, 30 July 2011

My Gold Challenge and the Olympic legacy

Hello and welcome to my Gold Challenge blog!

In 2012 London will host the greatest sporting event in the world: the Games of the XXX Olympiad.

I feel it is both an honour and a great opportunity to be directly involved into the amazing Olympic spirit.

So, wanting to be part of the Olympic legacy, I decided to take on the Gold Challenge and raise money for Diabetes UK, which is a wonderful charity that helps people with diabetes and supports world-class research into a cure.

My challenge consists in learning or taking part in 30 Olympic and Paralympic Sport.
Sports are completed by:
  1. doing at least three hours of coaching in that sport; or
  2. taking part in a competitive event.
During my challenge I will learn fencing, sailing, taekwando, boxing, canoing, volleyball, shooting, archery, judo, boccia, water polo and many more, while taking part in some endurance events such as a triathlon, half-marathon, swimming, rowing and cycling events.

While I undertake my challenge, I hope to raise awareness about diabetes, and, crucially, the importance of an active lifestyle both as a measure of prevention and management of this debilitating, yet common, condition.

I set up a fundrising page, please help me complete my Gold Challenge and raise £1500 for Diabetes UK, working towards a future without diabetes!

Thanks for your generous support!

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