Thursday, 4 August 2011

Kevin Henry 5k Series - Newmarket

For the vast majority of my challenge, I will be learning a completely new sport. Fencing, weightlifting, judo and shooting, for instance. In some other cases I will try my hand at old favourites: rowing, football, volleyball, sports I practised at different levels at school or university. But in some cases, for endurance sports such as long distance running or triathlon, even though I might be a beginner, I will endeavour to enter into a competition/event.

For Athletics (distance) I decided to enter the St Neots Half-Marathon on the 21st of November. Running has never come easy to me. I seem to struggle more than most, I huff, I puff, I seem to progress at a snail pace. I don't think I ever run anything approaching a long distance, in the loosest possible sense of the word "long" and when I went for a trial run, I could barely cover 2 miles. In essence, no one is going to think I'm Paula Radcliff younger sister. Or even the older sister.

I concluded I needed a lot of training. Thus I invested in a pair of proper running shoes for injury prevention, started on a program of weekly runs, and joined a club for some advice and training. 

Since starting my Gold Challenge, I have clocked 95 miles. The club is part of a local league, the Kevin Henry Series, comprising five 5k runs. I missed the first race, but I've taken part in the remaining as a means of race training and preparation for my half-marathon challenge.

Tonight I did the third 5k in the series. It was held at Newmarket, in the world famous Newmarket racecourse. I couldn't help but think that the thoroughbred horses are far better engineered for running than me. The course was flat, but muddy and heavy going (in horse racing parlance) due to a late afternoon downpour. But I gave it my best. I won't know my time for a while, so far my best time in the series has been a not-so-zippy 28:30 on the 14th of July. Next race is on the 1st of September. I need all the help I can get if I am to survive my half-marathon attempt.

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