Saturday, 27 August 2011

Second Parkrun: 28:35

The only good thing about being pretty unfit is that any amount of exercise is going to improve your fitness. Thus to begin with, you see lots of early improvement in your performance, which does wonders for your motivation. And so, as I try to go from couch potato to half-marathon, I've so far seen my 5k times get faster and faster.

Sadly not today. Compared with the same Parkrun I did two weeks ago, I was more than a minute slower. I must not get discouraged, though, as my aim in Gold Challenge is participation rather than victory, and there could be plenty of reasons for a temporary slow down (environmnetal factors, fatigue, complacency). Who knows. What's important is that I keep at it, keep running, keep training, keep competing.

Next week I am doing the last round of the Kevin Henry 5k Series for my club (we hope to win the overall title). After that I will be concentrating on longer distances, doing a 10k village fun run and potentially a 10mile cross-country run in October. Keep smiling, carry on.

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