Friday, 19 August 2011

Tennis: completed!

Today, I've completed my very first sport: Tennis. After 6 weeks my beginners course came to its conclusion with a fiercely fought game of doubles, which for its series of breaks and break backs was resembling a famous Wimbledon match.

It's been a lot of fun, and although I don't think I will be getting a wild card to Wimbledon any time soon, I learnt a lot and, most importantly, had a lot of fun trying. I'm very grateful to coach Dave and the other course participants for their precious advice, encouragement and friendly banter.

The coach has signed off my award certificate, I earn 20 points for undertaking 6 or more hours of coached activity and 3 bonus points based on specific skills acquired (sadly the slice still eluded me). I raised some sponsorship money, met a bunch of great ladies I hope to practice some more with, enticed a few colleagues to pick up a racket, and gained a everlasting sympathetic understanding for Andy Murrey's frustrations when misjudging a volley closing in on the net.
Next sport: volleyball!

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  1. oh congratulations Marianna on the Gold Challenge Award, I have a daughter and he just starting to take some tennis classes, and I hope she can become as good as you at this beautiful sport, best regards!