Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cambridge Team Aquathlon

Towards the end of the racing season, my triathlon club organises a fun team race. Aimed mostly at juniors and novices, the aquathlon (swimming+running) event is meant to offer a first taster of multi sport competition. Each team is composed of 4 members: a junior, a novice, a senior and any of the above. The novice category was further split between swimmers and runners, for those favouring one or the other discipline. I entered as a novice runner, thus doing the shorter swim (100m) and longer run (2400m). I was rather concerned about my swimming, but, it turns out, I should have been more concerned about my running.

Despite struggling to swim front crawl continuously in training, I managed quite well in the pool, coming out third in my wave, I think. Transition was an unexpectedly messy affair. I struggled putting on my shoes on my wet feet. I fumbled for what seemed an ice-age to tie my laces. I pulled a t-shirt with my race number over my head, only for the number to be wipe off by the water seeping through my swimming costume. A couple of people managed to overtake me during transition.

Running just after the swim felt quite nice: being wet and having my muscle warm brought its own advantages, however just about everyone in the wave was faster than me! I eventually got lapped even by the successive wave (which, to be fair, consisted of senior triathletes)!

Being a feel-good entry level event, there were prizes for just about everyone at presentation. So I managed to get a certificate for my efforts: 3rd in the female novice runner category (however I do strongly suspect that there were only three of us...).

I came home with a few considerations:
  • my swimming has greatly improved
  • I still run waaaaaay too slowly
  • I need to invest in some talcum powder and elasticated shoe-laces for transition
  • lots more training is desperately needed!

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