Friday, 2 September 2011

In the news

Earlier in the weeks my Gold Challenge was in the local news.

The lovely people at the Gold Challenge office got in touch with the Cambridge News and told them about my challenge. A friendly journalist then got in touch and interviewed me. A photographer came over last Saturday and took a few pictures of me while running and cycling around.

Couple of days later this lovely piece came out on the paper:

Living the Olympics

I didn't see the actual printed article in the paper, but it got noticed in the office, at my gym and even at the triathlon club. I was pleased that it generated such positive interest: people came along and asked me more about my challenge and my progress.

I am not particularly shy, but I've been strangely reserved about my challenge. The article gave me motivation and confidence to spread the word more, which is the only way I can achieve my fund rising targets. So, thanks a lot to CambridgeNews and Gold Challenge for organising this. 

Hopefully it will interest other people in taking on the Gold Challenge too.

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