Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stingers Volleyball Club

On Tuesday evening I was back to Stowmarket for my second volleyball session. During the volleyball season (Sept to May) the club meets at the gymnasium of a local school for an indoor session on Tuesday evenings. I found the indoor session more congenial, more like I remember the sport from my school days.

The two hour sesson comprised drills and practice of the fundamentals, followed by a 6v6 game.

I really enjoyed dusting off my fundamentals. Practising hitting the ball at the net was particularly good fun. I also enjoyed working on my serve, even though I am not mastering the overhead variety (mostly due to a lack of power).

The game at the end was fiercely contested, I know I scored a few points off my serve, and did quite well under the net. I must have made a good impression, since the coach is rather keen on me coming back and joining the squad to play in the local tournamnets.

I am quite flattered by the invitation, however the prospect of getting more involved is a bit daunting, on one hand I have lots of more sports to try out for my challenge on the other hand I really do enjoy volleyball and wouldn't mind doing it regularly. Yet Stowmarket is 40 miles away and I am sure I could find a more local club to play for.

I think I might be giving it a shot for one term, see how it goes, play in a few matches and see.

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