Friday, 2 December 2011

My challenge

I haven't been able to update my blog very much as my injury has prevented me from taking part in almost any sort of physical activity. I think my injury is challenging every bit of patience I've got. I am very frustrated in having been set back for over 2 months.

I am getting weekly physiotherapy sessions, but improvements are slow. Due to the nature of the problem, musco-skeletal inflammation, time is the best cure and I can't do much to help or speed up the process.

I've had to make provisions at work as well, since sitting down at a desk was not allowing my hip flexors any respite. I now have a swanky saddle chair.

I've sat down with my physiotherapist (who insists I don't do anything involving running, jumping or stepping) and discovered that of the 30 Olympic disciplines I could only do: swimming (freestyle only), table tennis, sailing (as a passenger - it does not count!), shooting and archery in my present injured state.

I mentioned the Paraolympic options and he said: "No, you are injured, not disabled". Which is an interesting thought. I guess it's implicitly belittling of me to think that an injury and a disability are the same thing. Quite often you might be disabled because of an injury (say a spinal injury), but disabled people are just as fit as able bodied people. Particularly athletes. Thus I've been rebuffed by my physiotherapist into treating the Paraolympic sports with respect, and will attempt them only once my body is back to fitness.

Given the options available, I decided to undertake archery as my next challenge. It's a perfect sport as it doesn't involve any bending, or moving at all. In fact stillness is of the essence. There is nothing easy about it, mind you. Each sport has its own set of skills and difficulties, all fairly hard to master.

I signed up for a 5 weeks Beginners Archery Course with Cambridge University Bowmen, running through Michaelmas term. Read my next blog post to find out how I got on...

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